Coaching for Liberation

Hooks Global is a premier, holistic coaching firm that supports individuals, teams and organizations in creating transformational growth, connection and healing. We support leaders in nonprofits, businesses, foundations, and governments across the globe to reimagine liberation in practice. We partner with renowned anti-oppression coaches and practitioners who reflect the world we live in and are role models for healing and liberation

Our Approach to Holistic Transformational Coaching

We ensure that coaching is a collaborative process, and responds to the holistic needs of clients. We strive towards a world in which everyone — no matter their location, identity or lived experience — has everything they need to thrive.

How We Build Transformational Change

We see the embodiment of transformation as the state of alignment between one’s beliefs, core values, desires, and actions. With the support of liberation coaches, our clients take an in-depth look at their deepest desires, find their own answers and unlock their highest potential.

About Hooks Global

Hooks Global was founded by Karena Hooks, a transformational leader, visionary, coach, mentor, consultant, and educator with an emphasis on serving communities of color and marginalized populations. With more than 20 years of experience, Karena focuses on restoring our commitment to humanity through building and strengthening authentic relationships by starting with self.

We are a collective of liberation coaches, mentors, facilitators, consultants, and educators who have decades of experience practicing anti-oppression.


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