About Hooks Global


Our Purpose

At Hooks Global, we believe in a world where our hearts beat in harmony to the sound of our own music. We offer a holistic transformational experience that ignites our power to heal.

Hooks Global’s Founder Karena Hooks appearance on King 5 News.

Our Approach

Develop a practice of noticing what happens in our daily lived experience that impacts our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, and how we experience those impacts in our bodies.

When behaviors, beliefs, and ways of being define our goals, and those goals are rooted in what we truly desire.

The commitment to act on what we know — to decide what needs to be done to rectify harm and to ensure that progress is made towards liberation.

Own our individual and collective responsibility to contribute to liberation. 

Interested in learning about how our approach manifests in the actual work we do?

How We Will Work Together

We believe in meeting people where they are at in their understanding of themselves in the world — and what support is needed to move from performance for others to purpose for self.