Hooks Global Family

Our collective is made up of staff members and partners who are experts in racial equity training, coaching, and facilitating.

Hooks Global Staff

Ariana Stafford, M.Ed.

Chief Operations Officer (she/her)

Hello wonderful people! My name is Ariana and I'm a white woman. I have a love for students, travel, and animals. I delight in working behind the scenes to support the dreamers and visionaries on our team. My purpose is to co-create opportunities for connection, healing and joy.

Karena L. Hooks, MSW, PCC

Founder & Visionary (she/her)

Hello family! I am a Black, cisgender, queer woman. I was born and raised in California by two southern blues/country musicians, a Black father from Mississippi and a white mother from Tennessee. I deeply love music, the ocean, community, martial arts, poetry, learning, teaching and traveling. Laughing is one of my favorite pastimes. My passion is all things social justice and healing while I dream of making freedom and liberation a reality. My superpower is my ability to make deep connections in an instant. I listen for what’s not being said, and I explore the soul of a person with curiosity. My come-from is influenced by what I’ve witnessed and experienced. I promise: Liberation is possible.

Caitlin D. Hoover, MPA

Director of Partnerships (she/her)

Hi, I am Caitlin! I am white and queer. I am a coach, change agent, disruptor, and co-conspirator. My purpose is to facilitate the development, growth, and healing of relationships. I seek to create and protect spaces where people can access the fullness of their humanity, and I am passionate about building liberated spaces and systems. I look forward to the possibility and connections that each new day brings.

Victoria Callahan

Hey y’all! My name is Victoria and I am a biracial (black/white) and cisgender woman who was raised in Southern California and Texas. I am a lover of creating and consuming art that makes me feel: poetry, music, dance, collages, etc. At my core, I have always felt a need to explore depth and pursue justice. I have found I am most aligned with this need when I am working toward a better world through strategizing, connecting, feeling, and hoping.

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